Ora-3D Products Inc. is a pre-launch oral health tech start up with is a vision to impact lives and improve oral health through innovative personal dental care products! Brushing with the wrong technique and overbrushing are some of the leading and yet preventive public oral health problems. We are using interdisciplinary engineering and technological innovation to reinvent the toothbrush that can directly simulate the BASS brushing technique (and other features), improving the safety and oral health care efficiency. Ora-3D was recently approved for Funding Grant with McGill Engine Technological Innovation Entrepreneurship and was recognized at Youth Impact Challenge across Canada.

Ora-3D, redefining everyday brushing.

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“A toothbrush that is well-poised to disrupt the oral care industry. Looking forward to the product’s launch.” 


Babatunde Alli

Public Oral Health Ph.D

McGill Dentistry