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Tried and True

Comfortable, easy to use, and more efficient than a regular electric toothbrush, Ora-3D is by far the most enjoyable toothbrush I’ve used!

- Danae
- Danae

Innovative design and comfortable, ora-3D brushes are easy on the wrists. Makes brushing teeth enjoyable and not a dreaded task.

- Gwen
- Gwen

How it works?

It’s easy! Just Bite & Glide for one min.

Easy to use

No habit change required. Ora-3D encapsulates your upper & lower jaw in three dimensions when you bite. Then you glide around your jaw to remove plaque

Apply Toothpaste
Bite & Glide

Our Story

The foundation of Ora-3D stemmed from a personal experience. Hi, my name is Shlesha and I am the Founder of Ora-3D. Two years ago, I went for a dental checkup, and was discovered with several cavities. The hygienist talked about improving brushing technique, and my first instinct was ' I need to change my toothbrush'. Soon enough, I realized all the products out there were flat headed toothbrushes. These required a habit change and education to improve the technique. Coming from an Engineering background, I felt there had to be a better solution and thus started the journey of building Ora-3D. Go learn more about our story and mission today in the about section.

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Globally Certified, so you can experience next dimension of care no matter where you live.