Ora-3D, the three dimensional brushing experience.

Next Dimension of Oral Care


3X More Reach, Half the Time

Experience the Simpler, Faster & More Effective Brushing Routine In Half The Time!


Dentist Recommended Brushing Technique

Ora-3D is designed to simulate dentist recommended BASS Brushing Technique with a simple bite & glide motion.

Our Intuitive 3D design helps you brush like the dentist. Covering every surface and angle offers a deeper reach in between teeth and along the gum line with a simple bite and glide action.

No Missed Spots!

Ora-3D's multi material bristle technology encapsulates your tooth surface and removes plaque in 3 dimensions. Easier to reach back of your teeth and no more missed spots!


Reduce Risk To Gingivitis

Research suggests that silicon bristles reduce risk to gingivitis, but nylon bristles are more tough on plaque! So do you pick? Well, we got you both! Ora-3D's 3 dimensional brush head is designed with multi-material properties with angulated silicon bristles and nylon bristles on top surface. Allowing our technology deep reach in-between your teeth and along the gum-line.

Try it!

Smart & Responsive Design

'Well, is it comfortable?' YES IT IS! Ora-3D's soft and responsive brush head feel like they are hugging your teeth! Plus. their flexible material changes their shape and size to make sure you are removing all the plaque with just enough pressure!


What Others Are Saying?

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  • OraBasic

    ✓ Encapsulate each Tooth in 3 dimensions 🦷

    ✓ No missed spots!!! 💯

    ✓ Responsive to each tooth shape and size 😲

    ✓ Soft Silicon Bristles along the gumline ✨

    ✓ Deeper reach inbetween teeth 😉

    ✓ 45 degree angle to simulate bass! 💖

    ✓ Simulate BASS Brushing Technique 👨‍⚕️

  • OraElectric

    ✓ Everything 👈🏼 + MORE!!!

    ✓ Charge only 4 times a year 🔌

    ✓ 8 hr USB C Charging ✔️

    ✓ Comes with a travel case! 🧳

    ✓ IPX7 Waterproof Technology 💦

    ✓ Smart Memory Timer! 😀

    ✓ Sonic Vibration Modes with 3d clean! 🤯

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