Dental Care for Those With Dentures

Dental Care for Those With Dentures

Authored by:Muzna Mian


As you get older teeth begin to fall out and that is part of a natural process we undergo as humans. To replace missing teeth a new dental device was introduced called dentures. Dentures are not only used by elderly individuals however they are also helpful to replace some broken teeth in your mouth. There are various types of dentures that provide different uses.

Some youth break their adult teeth in an accident and the best way they can replace these teeth or set of teeth is to get a denture set that works for them. They may be given a partial denture which covers some of the teeth that have been broken. A full denture set which is common with those who have lost all their teeth. Or a denture implant which is inserted into your gum as support for the fake tooth that was inserted.

Cleaning Dentures

You must ensure to clean your dentures daily since they act as false teeth and they can collect bacteria and plaque on them over time. The best way to keep them clean is to remove them from your mouth and clean them off and then store them in a special container of warm water and let them sit at night. It has also been found effective to add vinegar to the container and mix it with warm water as this is a natural home remedy that can keep dentures clean and remove the tartar easily.

Brushing teeth with dentures

When brushing with your dentures, slowly move the brush in your mouth and ensure to use a specialized toothpaste. It has been found that many normal toothpastes can damage dentures. Then remove the dentures and clean your gums, tongue and remaining teeth since it is not possible to clean all surfaces with dentures in your mouth. Cleaning your mouth without the dentures is critical for your oral hygiene and to ensure your mouth remains fresh .


When cleaning with partial dentures it is a good idea to first remove them and set them aside. Start washing your teeth with cold water as warm water could damage dentures. Also ensure to not use standard toothpaste as they contain chemicals that are strong and can damage dentures. When brushing grab a brush but make sure it is a soft bristle type as those are not so hard on the teeth and dentures. Begin to slowly rinse and clean off solid food particles and yellow plaque on the dentures, and then store them into a container overnight. As a partial denture user it has been advised to clean them daily since it is easier to not get stains that could last permanently on them. It is also hygienic since dentures are still in your mouth and act as teeth.

Flossing teeth with Dentures

Flossing with dentures is not as effective since users who have full dentures have no gaps between their teeth because dentures have been designed in such a way. There is a device called a floss threader that has helped many individuals. It is a solid component and then a floss that goes through the solid component and it easily removes solids and parts sticking out. Another effective device found by the dentist was the water flosser. You would place the device near the gum where the denture touches the gum on the lower surface. And then pull a trigger and allow the pressure of water to squirt onto the surfaces watching away waste.


Individuals with dentures have a partial different way of brushing then people without them. They must use different methods and dental tools to keep their mouth clean. Brushing with dentures takes a little longer compared to brushing without them. Also people with dentures are unable to floss due to the structure of the artificial teeth. Although brushing can be harder and different, these dental devices allow you to have a full smile.


Authored by Muzna Mian


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