Existing tools and New innovations for Caries Disease

Existing tools and New innovations for Caries Disease

How caries disease gets worse

Diagnosis Options

A very easy and common technique is the caries detector. The detector is in the form of a stain bottle and you must pour it into a spoon and then apply it to one’s teeth. Once you add the stain be sure to rinse it out after 10 seconds. Now you will know if caries are detected on the red parts that have been stained. This technique is also used for finding tooth decay and helps dentists track cavities.


Bite-wing radiography technique

New Innovations

However, as discussed above in the radiography paragraphs it was found the caries can reform under fillings and this procedure is starting to be a temporary fix and the filling does not provide a perfect solution. ‘So for this process to work the scientist Dr Paul Sharpe and his team at King College London explain how they would need to use embryos as they have the cells that can be planted to allow regrowth of missing teeth’ 6. As of 2018 they were working on this stem cell regrowth using mice and they had planned to begin using humans as test subjects for this process the following year.



Caries disease has become common among many youth and adults. It starts at a young age so it is important for individuals to pay attention and get their diagnosis as soon as possible. There are already many existing treatments used by clinics. However, new innovations are being uncovered and these treatments are being shown to be more effective and long lasting compared to the current treatment options.



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