How to set up your own dental clinic

How to set up your own dental clinic

Authored by: Muzna Mian


Okay so picture this, you just finished your last years of education in your masters degree, and you are now finishing up your final year in dental school. You may be a person who enjoys planning their life ahead, so you decide you want to open up a private practice, become your own boss and own a dental clinic. Now this might be a hard task as you are unfamiliar with the costs, how to start up a business and what equipment is required. 

Budget and Finances 

The first step in any form of business is understanding how much money you have available for your budget. The cost for starting up and to get loans is about $500,000. You will also need to start looking in the commercial real estate market, understanding whether you would like to buy a space or rent one. It is also important to decide on a space that is big enough for various rooms . Also to put equipment, have a receptionist desk, waiting room and also various supply closets. Basically you require a space that can fit all everything you need and can also comfortably allow for a significant number of patients to attend. 



Looking for a certain building's location is an important part of it. You must decide where you want to be located as an ideal location will increase more customers at your practice. Look for areas that do not have many dental clinics that forces the people of the neighborhood to visit your practice. In addition, getting to know the people in the area and talking to them about your proposal and how you plan to open the business in this area allows one to connect with the community. 

Finding your team

Now another crucial step is figuring out what type of team you want to assist you in your work. You can start looking for qualified staff by posting job postings and information. Setting up interviews to review their qualifications and making sure they meet your standards will benefit you as the boss and them as they can work in an environment that is related to their field. You should make sure they are professional and ready to work and see how they interact with patients. The key is to be a respectful and comfortable individual and if you feel they carry those traits they are a good staff member perfect for the team.

Equipment and Structure of Dentistry 

Now when opening up the dental clinic there are certain types of equipment required and the structure of the dentistry is also important. The basic tools that are needed include syringes, a scanning probe which is used to detect the amount of plaque on the teeth, forceps, pliers, x-rays and also various computer software's that are required when doing specific operations


A disposal bin, latex gloves, tooth supply such as brushes, toothpaste, floss. Some dentists also have diagrams of the teeth to show their patients how to brush their teeth in various conditions. Now this equipment is for the basic dentists. Health professionals that specialize in specific parts of the teeth and gums and also orthodontists require other specific tools in their offices.


It is best to either find a space that has separate rooms for operation or decide to hire a construction team that can separate the rooms. Making rooms allows patients to feel more comfortable and it is easier to place all the equipment there.



In a standard dental office there is a variety of furniture put in the waiting room which includes a receptionist desk, chairs and a table for the waiting room. Now in the operation room, there is the standard dental chair. It is always a good idea to get a chair that remains stationary from the bottom but can move up and down for the patient to sit in. Also an overhead lamp that can be pulled down when examining the mouth. 


Some dentists also keep small movable chairs beside their computer monitors when taking notes.This allows them to easily move from the patient's chair to check their mouth and also roll back to add in notes to their computer.


With owning your own business comes the responsibility of paying bills each month. For a dental practice this would include utilities such as water and electricity for the most part. Also paying your taxes and any loan payments that you may have taken from the bank.  

Form of Payments received by patients

Another crucial thing you must decide is how you are gonna receive payments from your patients. Since dental costs are already high, it may seem daunting for many to figure out how they will pay their bill. An easy way for your clinic and for others is to allow for several payment methods. The most common ones are cash, cheque, or using cards. It is also effective to provide some discounts for certain procedures, that way people are more likely to visit your clinic and also recommend it to their friends. Also ensure to allow payment by insurance as many people usually cover their costs with dental insurance


Now owning a dentistry and starting a new business is far more work than what this blog entails. However, this is a quick overview of what you can expect. It is purely for interest and insight and allows you to start thinking about the possibilities of owning your own clinic as well as the challenges you may face. That being said, many clinics are successful so ensure to take your time researching and seeing what works best for you. Speaking of dentists, Ora-3D has come out with new innovation and ideas. They have introduced a 3D toothbrush that helps an individual deep clean their teeth. If you want to know more about the company be sure to check out this link



Authored by: Muzna Mian

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