Life Style Changes that will save your teeth

Life Style Changes that will save your teeth

“Tips on how to keep your teeth clean and save money from high dental cost”


Have you ever been to the dentist office and realized how much money was spent just to fix that small issue in your teeth. It could be as little as a cavity that needed to be filled or a fractured tooth. This could all have been prevented if you brushed your teeth for the proper time of two minutes and after eating sweet delectables you made sure to brush it off. This blog will further educate you about how you can stop wasting time and money at the dentist. Now not only can you fix your hygiene you can also start looking for discounts and programs that allow for you to spend less at the dentist.

Preventing Tooth Staining

Have you ever sat down on a hot day and decided to drink a cold beverage with a handy straw. You would be surprised to know straws are an effective tool that is used and helps your teeth. Drinking water is crucial for your body and your oral hygiene as it keeps the mouth hydrated and fresh, reducing bad breath. Straws are actually an effective tool as it was found people are more motivated to drink more water when using a straw. In addition, it also helps to reduce acidic solutions when drinking sugary drinks that leave stains. Using a straw will prevent those coke and pop stains from ruining your white teeth. Also when you use a straw the drink goes to the back of your mouth this increases the likelihood that it will not destroy your tooth’s enamel.

Making Dietary Changes

Sugar is simply bad for your overall health as it increases the chance of diabetes and heart disease but more importantly it has serious effects on teeth. When you consume a sugary dessert or drink the bacteria forms an acid that attacks your enamel. This increases cavities that continue to eat away at your tooth resulting in tooth decay and further pain. To resolve this issue and not have to go to the dentist, practice eating healthier foods for example fruits. Fruits have natural sugar and that is less detrimental plus they taste good!

Prevent teeth staining

Wearing a Mouth Guard

Some bad habits should also be reduced, for example grinding teeth. This usually occurs in both the day and night and is also known as bruxism. During the day many grind their teeth due to stress related issues, if you’re nervous and panicking. Or if you have anxiety before a test, an exam, a presentation or an interview. At night the teeth grinding is usually caused by sleep disorders and having trouble sleeping. This can be fixed by a mouth-guard which enables you to grind your teeth or clench your jaw. Finding mindful activities that reduce your stress levels and enable this form of grinding.

Use a mouth-guard

Stop smoking and using drugs

Refraining from smoking and chewing tobacco can keep your mouth healthy and teeth white. Many people also take various drugs that help them calm down and release stress. However, in reality these issues make your teeth turn yellow, expanding your gums which would later lead to gum disease. And then you are forced to go to the dentist to get these problems repaired.

Fix your oral hygiene habits

Many of us ensure to brush our teeth twice a day. However, sometimes this is not effective enough as some foods you eat throughout the day can have a larger effect on your teeth increasing issues of tooth decay. So to reduce your dental visits and reduce the likelihood of cavities it is recommended to try to brush after every meal if possible.

Also with brushing comes flossing as the two are hand in hand and are important to one’s overall health. In this day of age there is a constant comparison of people who have whiter teeth. Some of these individuals are following influencers and people from the internet and using their tactics. It is important to always ask a dentist as they are a licensed professional and they know best. Some natural home based remedies to whiten teeth could end up damaging it severely.

Basic tools used for your oral hygiene


Keeping your mouth clean is such an important part of your health. If you do it properly and stay away from the dangers that can destroy your teeth you won’t have to waste money on constant dentist visits. That being said, going to the dentist is a crucial aspect of your oral hygiene but these easy tips will help you to save money and keep your teeth clean! If you want more information about specific tools and brushes that can also help with this process be sure to check out Ora-3D.

 Authored by Muzna Mian








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