Natural home based methods that can clean your breath

Natural home based methods that can clean your breath

Authored by: Muzna Mian



Bad breath is a common problem that many individuals are prone to. It can occur at any time throughout the day due to the various foods you eat. For example, onions have a strong aftertaste that can be smelled when you open your mouth and speak to others. When individuals wake up in the morning the first thing you notice is the smell coming from your mouth. This was caused by the bacteria that built up overnight from the food that you ate. There are many ways to naturally freshen your breath below are some easy home remedies that you can follow.


Practice Dental Hygiene

The first crucial thing that helps to keep your breath clean and fresh is your method of hygiene (1). When brushing your teeth it is crucial to brush on the top of your teeth and the bottom of your teeth and also make sure to brush over and under your tongue. With these brushing methods it is a good idea to rinse your mouth using salt water (1).


It is best to do this practice after consuming food. It is a good idea to first brush your teeth and then rinse your mouth. Although this method will not help your mouth smell like mint. It has proven to be an excellent way of naturally cleaning out your mouth and stopping bad breath (1). To make this solution, you must get a glass of water and add a half teaspoon of salt. Then pour it into your mouth and gargle for about 30 seconds and then rinse your mouth out with water (1).


Use Fresh Leaves

Another way to clean your breath and allow it to smell like mint is to chew on cloves and mint. You can grab the leaf and simply chew on it (1). Cloves are also known for helping to keep your breath fresh and destroy bacteria that could surround your teeth further causing cavities (1). Cloves are available at your local grocery store and some people even grow mint and cloves as it is a natural home remedy that is quick and easy to use.


cloves and mint

Use Fruit

As a natural way of freshening your breath some individuals have found pineapple juice to be an effective way to clean your breath (2). You can either drink pineapple juice that is naturally made after eating a meal. Or you can simply cut up a pineapple and suck on a piece for 1–2 minutes after eating (2). Sucking on oranges and lemons have also proven to be a good source of freshening ones breath naturally (3).


Change your brush

It has been found that when you use your toothbrush for a long time it begins to get worn out. Since you’ve been brushing vigorously hard to get the plaque and food particles off your teeth (3). Many Dentists recommend changing your toothbrush frequently; as this can further reduce bad breath (3). Since if you continue to use the same brush for more than 2 months you are adding bacteria into your mouth and that will produce horrible odor.


Stay Hydrated

The final way to keep your mouth healthy and fresh is to stay hydrated. When you drink juice and other types of pop drinks your mouth dries overtime (1). To prevent this from happening you should constantly drink water as it increases the amount of saliva in your mouth 1. Saliva is a natural way in which a person’s mouth can stay clean and restricts the amount of smell and bacteria that is produced in the mouth (1).


Cleaning one’s mouth is a crucial part of your oral health. Although many of us tend to use toothpastes full of mint, mouthwash and other forms of artificial cleaning products. There are other natural ways that are more effective and efficient to clean your mouth. These home remedies make it easy to freshen your breath and clean out your mouth and practice your dental hygiene.


Authored by Muzna Mian



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