Why Toothpicks are bad for your teeth?

Why Toothpicks are bad for your teeth?

 Authored by: Muzna Mian


Have you ever just eaten a huge meal and got food stuck between your teeth? If you’re at a restaurant trying to consume some meat but then a big piece gets stuck between the teeth it causes great discomfort. If this occurred you probably used a toothpick to clean it out. Toothpicks are long wooden sticks that you grind against your teeth in an upward and downward motion to clean out the solids left over from eating.

They are available everywhere in restaurants, grocery stores and cafes. So if they’re so popular, why are they a damaging device to our teeth? Although toothpicks are a handy and quick tool to clean your teeth, it has been found that toothpicks can cause extensive damage to your teeth if they are used overtime.

Toothpicks are bad for your teeth

It has been found that these dental devices pose a great threat to your teeth. Firstly, if you use them constantly it can damage the outer layer of your teeth which is called the enamel. While scratching the surfaces you will begin to tear the enamel which will reduce the protection of your teeth. This will cause bacteria and cavities to spread on your teeth overtime. For example your teeth will develop dark brown spots and will begin to chip away slowly.

Furthermore, toothpicks damage your teeth by causing issues on the tooth roots. This occurs when the gums are moved away from the teeth’s roots. When you touch the tooth roots with an object you will experience pain and will have to get the tooth checked out.

In the mouth, toothpicks can damage both veneers and crowns if they continue to be scratched in those areas. The short term issues are damage to those teeth. But if an individual continues to use the toothpick for those reasons the teeth will eventually fall out and cause extensive damage to your mouth.

Dangers of the Toothpick

Since toothpicks are made of wood they can chip into pieces and leave splinters on your tongue or on your teeth. Another danger of toothpicks is if swallowed it can cause death. Statistics have reported that every year about 9000 people have choked from accidentally swallowing toothpicks.

Toothpicks effect on Gums

Toothpicks can cause damage to your gums as it recedes them away and moves them out of place. Further problems arise when the gums begin to tear and then can further bleed, which can cause bacteria and cavities to form.

Why Ora-3D Brushes are a better solution

The Ora-3D brushes consist of a 3 headed brush that allows for a deep cleaning of the teeth. These brushes allow for one to clean their mouth and refrain from using extra tools to clean the teeth. Ora-3D brushes are also effective as it has become a popularized technology used among youth today.


Toothpicks are an effective, quick tool that are available everywhere in various locations. Many people use it in their everyday lives but unfortunately are unaware of the risks, that this device poses to their oral health.


 Authored by: Muzna Mian



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