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Adaptive Brushing for Seniors

A 3D brushing experience that helps caregivers and elders with manual dexterity gain control of their dental care. 

Many Elders Lack Manual Dexterity

Research suggests 40% of elders have special needs. Arthritis, Dementia, Muscle Weakness are just namely a few affecting the quality of life for our loved ones. 


As a Caregiver, Oral Hygiene Is Often



Our loved ones have to go through the trauma of being held down, invaded with multiple products, or not having any cleaning at all. 



If you do try cleaning, you could spend hours convincing your loved ones. Truth is, they want their independence and be empowered.



Love and care are a selfless process, and often like a six-year-old, you will get your hands messy with saliva and paste. 

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OraBrush is Designed to be a More Accessible. 

It is a simple dual head solution that allows your parent to actually bite onto the brush and automatically clean their teeth with bite and glide. 

Emulates Dentist Recommended Brushing Technique

We are not just trying to 'do the job', but we want to make sure we are aligned with dental recommendations. OraBrush has bristles at 45-degree angle to deep reach the gumline and simulate Guided BASS Brushing Technique. 


Easier Access to 'Back' Teeth

When we did pilot tests, we got the feedback that our users were able to reach the back teeth much easier than any other product out there. It was not a guessing game. They just had to bite and glide. 

Encapsulates 6X more surface area

The dual head of OraBrush means each side reaches 3x more surface area than any other normal toothbrush. 

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Easy Grip

We have ensured that our electric handle has a thick base, making it easier to grip on and independently guide your oral cleaning with a press of a button and glide motion. 

There is so much more we want to tell you. 

But in short...

42,000 Sonic Vibrations to Break Down Plaque

Easy to travel with

Charge 4x a Year

Both silicon & Nylon Bristles for Gum Health

Replaceable Brush Heads

Cut Down Brushing Time in Half

Our Elders Deserve Better.

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