Why we created Ora-3D

Why we created Ora-3D

Dentists say that over 90% of people brush their teeth wrong. We apply 2-3x higher pressure and damage our teeth from overbrushing 20% of the time. World Health Organisation says that 100% of adults have had cavities in their lifetime. 46% will suffer from periodontal diseases and 10% will have permanent tooth loss.

Effective brushing is one of the key components to good oral hygiene, and yet none of the market products simulate dentist recommended brushing technique.

Large companies have focused on pricy feature additions rather than design changes.

The current flat headed toothbrush has not been changed since the 1400’s! And having to change your habits after 20-40years of unconsciously doing it is an impossible task.


February 2020

we had collected survey responses from 40+ people and realised that everyone wanted better oral hygiene

June 2020

We designed our first prototype.

September 2020

We had interviewed 40 people and 10 dental experts in designing the first 15 variations of Ora-3D.

January 2021

We prepared our design for manufacturing.

June 2021

We completed our first production run

September 2021

We had backers who had tested our product and approved it.